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  • A Magical Tone Which Animates

    Frankfurter Neue Presse, Ulrich Boller

    American pianist and Chopin prizewinner Kevin Kenner provided an exquisite musical experience at the “Chopiniade”
    7 March 2012
  • Chopin Resonances

    Bryce Morrison

    A record to fascinate even the most blasé listener
    March 2011
  • Chopin Resonances

    Peter Grahame Woolf

    Exceptional, counting amongst the most subtle and expressive piano playing enjoyed in several years
  • Sensual and Tender, Poignant Tonal Magic

    The Main Echo Online Service, Franz-Josef Doring

    Piano Recital: Kevin Kenner enthuses at the conclusion of the musical season at Erbach Ivory Museum
    16 March 2011
  • Paderewski Piano Concerto

    BBC Music Magazine

    Paderewski's superb Piano Concerto, almost in the league of Grieg and Tchaikovsky, and the sparkling Polish Fantasy receive fiery treatment here. Kenner is excellent /CM/
    December 2011
  • Paderewski: Piano Concerto; Polish Fantasy

    American Record Guide

    Absolutely inspired collaboration between a master artist of the keyboard and a great orchestra
    December 2011
  • Polish Independence Day, Paderewski's 150th Anniversary and Kevin Kenner

    A wonderful concert tonight in Bialystok. Kevin Kenner at his very best.
    12 November 2010
  • A Day of Surprises

    Festival Bulletin No.3 of the International Chopin Festival, Duszniki Zdrój, Poland, Ewa Kofin

    In a very peculiar way he creates pure beauty. He is a magician of moods. He captivates with lyricism and dazzles with drama and temperament.
    8 August 2010
  • Kevin Kenner at the Piano: “Chopinissimo”

    Le nouvel Observateur, Jacques Drillon

    Run to the Cite de la Musique to hear Chopin by one of today’s best interpreters.
    February 2010
  • Kenner has you on the edge of your seat

    Classic FM, London

    Kenner has you on the edge of your seat
  • Colin Clarke comments on Kevin Kenner's Chopin Preludes

    Fanfare Magazine, Colin Clarke

    Kevin Kenner’s Chopin exudes that rare combination of warmth and intelligence
    9 April 2010
  • Colin Clarke comments on Kevin Kenner's Chopin Impromptus

    Fanfare Magazine, Colin Clarke

    The recording is fabulous...a most satisfying listening experience
    9 April 2010
  • Colin Clarke comments on Kevin Kenner's Chopin Ballades

    Fanfare Magazine, Colin Clarke

    ...One of the most purely beautiful accounts I have heard
    9 April 2010
  • Colin Clarke comments on Kevin Kenner's 'Fantasy'

    Fanfare Magazine, Colin Clarke

    …This is Kenner at his best
    9 April 2010
    About Fantasy
  • Colin Clarke comments on Kevin Kenner's Schumann

    Fanfare Magazine, Colin Clarke

    ...Kenner’s grasp of the Fantasy is superb, culminating in a truly spellbinding finale
    9 April 2010
  • Colin Clarke on Kevin Kenner's Ravel

    Fanfare Magazine, Colin Clarke

    ...A tremendous voyage of variegated color
    9 April 2010
  • David Saemann comments on Kevin Kenner's Chopin Preludes

    Fanfare Magazine, David Saemann

    ...One of the important Chopin pianists of our time
    10 April 2010
  • David Saemann comments on Kevin Kenner's Chopin Scherzos

    Fanfare Magazine, David Saemann

    ...This is a set of the scherzos that is greatly persuasive on repeated hearings
    10 April 2010
  • David Saemann comments on Kevin Kenner's Chopin Ballades

    Fanfare Magazine, David Saemann

    ...No one with an interest in the state of Chopin performance today can afford to be unaware of Kevin Kenner
    10 April 2010
  • Kevin Kenner: Schumann Davidsbündler­tänze, Op.18 ... on DUX

    Fanfare Magazine, Steven E. Ritter

    ...Pianism of the highest order…wins me over time and time again
    12 April 2010
  • Classical CD Reviews: Chopin Four Impromptus

    Audiophile, Gary Lemco

    American virtuoso Kevin Kenner contributes thirteen pieces towards The National Edition of Fryderyk Chopin’s Complete Works
    13 April 2010

Memorable reviews

  • CDs: Ravel

    Scherzo Magazine (Spain), Santiago Martin Bermudez

    It is a quintessence of a remarkable musician’s style. Deserves maximum interest.
    April 2008
  • Review: Fantasy

    Kevin Sutton

    A fine discovery... delivered with great finesse
    About Fantasy
  • The Washington Post, Joan Reinthaler

    Kenner is a major talent. His recital revealed an artist whose intellect, imagination and pianism speak powerfully and eloquently. You listen to him and think how obvious it is that the music should be played this way and it seems so simple that you wonder why everyone doesn't do it.
    17 April 2001
  • Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Gerrit Priessnitz

    ...darting 'scherzando' flourishes he let rattle in fine dynamic shading over the keys. A few listeners shook their heads in disbelief at such technical brilliance during the racing octave passages towards the end of Mendelssohn's Rondo Capriccioso, Op.14. Such brilliance Kenner possesses indeed; but beyond that, a remarkable transparency of sound and pedalling, so that one can effortlessly follow his concentrated played with programmatic scene changes from 'Eusebius' to 'Florestan', from 'Paganini' to 'Chopin', as well as his so to speak absolute musical concept in Schumann's Carnaval, Op.9.
    6 September 1999
  • Financial Times, David Murray

    Not a showy performer, he proved nonetheless to be a Chopin player of grace, subtle variety and strength, with a mature grasp of dramatic structure and proportion: in short, a grown-up musician nearing his peak.. I look forward to hearing a lot more of Kenner.
    11 January 1999
  • The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT, Steve Metcalf

    Thursday's soloist, Kevin Kenner, gave Rachmaninoff's Concerto No.3 a sensational ride. An American with above average competition credentials, Kenner showed himself to be a major league presence in every way.
    13 March 1998
  • A Magician of Scintillating Tone Colors

    Kölnische Rundschau, Hürth, Germany, Claudia Valder-Knechtges

    Even if the popularity of the works contributed to the audience's enthusiasm, Kenner's inner encounter with the musical temperament fashioned a conclusion to the Series that could hardly have been more successful.
    9 December 1996
  • The Independent, London, Adrian Jack

    Two years ago, at the QEH, Kenner gave the best performance I have ever heard in the concert hall of all four of Chopin's Ballades....His performance on Wednesday showed the most generous imaginable range of expression, strong emotional commitment and the kind of balanced musical judgement very few artists achieve.
    11 June 1996
  • Copenhagen Politiken

    Jan Jacoby

    With equal portions of impregnable taste and acute sensibility, he shapes sound and tempo so that phrases and motives become a certainly got something for your money!
    1 February 1995
  • Star on the Rise

    Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich

    Friday night, the gifted pianist made his Chicago-area debut opening the 'Rising Stars' series at the Ravinia Festival's Bennett Hall, in Highland Park. His recital's strengths reaffirmed his stature as one of the finest American pianists to come along in years.
    3 October 1994
  • The Miami Herald, James Roos

    He has technique to burn wedded to musicianship of keen sensitivity.
    24 February 1992
  • Pianist Finds the Right Key to Greatness

    Fort Worth Star Telegram, Wayne Lee Gay

    He is well on his way to becoming a major artist of our time.
    19 February 1992
  • As the Great Ones

    Badische Zeitung, Wolfgang Gauss

    With such a style Kevin Kenner could one day belong to the greats.
    4 February 1992
  • Manchester Evening News, England, John Robert-Blunn

    Kenner is an accomplished artist of assured technique and well poised artistry....Provided a climax which was captivating.
    9 January 1992
  • Rheinpfalz Zeitung, Ludwigshafen

    A thrilling performance by the young American in Ludwigshafen! It will be fascinating to see how the further development of this highly gifted pianist takes its course. With his gifts he could become a real great!
    8 October 1991
  • Kenner's Piano Sizzles

    The San Diego Union, David Gregson

    ...A wonderful young artist rapidly going to the top...The Kenner performance is a must!
    27 June 1991
  • Schwaebische Zeitung, Winfried Wild

    Fulfilled a criterion which one only knows from great Chopinists such as Rubinstein, Benedetti-Michelangeli and Dinu Lipatti.
    10 June 1991
  • Kevin Kenner Left the Audience Dreaming

    Neue Rhein-Zeitung, Duesseldorf, Antje Olivier

    A review of Kevin Kenner's live performance of the E minor Concerto
    12 December 1990
  • Delicate Soulful Sonorities

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    In Chopin's Piano Concerto he set out with swift tempi and fluid forward-moving playing. He approached passagework and melodic material with a light-fingered polished touch. His deep concentration had an brought about harmonic and balanced ensemble with the orchestra. The second movement was filled with romantic delicate soulful sonorities formed thoughtfully and delicately. Kenner lent a dream-spun atmosphere to the florid fabric of the Rondo. Enthusiastic cheers in the auditorium were impressively answered with a Chopin Nocturne dissolving into nothingness.
    8 November 1990
  • Polish National Television, Jan Weber

    Every piece played by him underlines the principle of his individual style. His deep inward concentration gave us an original proposition emanating from a classical base; very original without exaggeration, everything carefully studied and derived from Chopin's music but with a new original approach.
    20 October 1990
  • Polish National Radio Program II, Warsaw, Jan Popis

    Kenner achieves the highest level of transcendence...He is a mystic. He comes to us with a message which he reads as a verse from the Bible. He shares with us what he understands from his reading of the 'Holy Writ' created by the hand of the composer. These are magnificent and wise readings of Chopin's score.
    October 1990
  • The New York Times, Bernard Holland

    ...Demonstrated a technique able to handle almost any complication clearly and confidently.
    8 June 1989
  • KXLU Radio, Los Angeles, Peter DeVere

    Kevin Kenner is a performer of inexhaustible energy, phenomenal memory, brilliant technique, admirable originality and astounding musicianship.
  • Kevin Kenner's Captivating Chopin

    The Washington Post, Ken Krehbiel

    His rapt dreaminess was riveting in the Nocturnes and his virtuosity in the Scherzo was dramatically expressive, not merely showy.
    29 November 1988
  • East San Diego Press

    A masterful performance of Chopin's Piano Concerto...Brought the amazed audience to their feet in a torrent of applause and elation...was that of a genius.
    27 March 1980
  • Piazzoforte -- Astor Piazzolla

    Tomasz Byczek

    In one word, one can listen to this without end
    About Piazzoforte
  • Schumann Davidsbündler­tänze

    HiFi Muzyka, Hanna & Andrzej Milewscy

    Kevin Kenner feels perfectly with a lapidary form of Davidbündlertänze. He plays with elegance and bravura at the same time, spinning a lively, fascinating story from individual links of the cycle.
  • Kenner plays Ravel

    Bartosz Luboń, HiFi Muzyka

    Kenner controls the instrument perfectly, still never flaunts his virtuosity – to such extent that while listening to every piece we forget about the pianist’s presence and we only absorb the music.